After the past 10 years building websites for other people, we have decided to branch out to launch a few of our own projects. Our aim is to bring the level of professionalism and success that we’ve brought to our clients to our own. Still in the very early development stages below you’ll find what we’re currently working on….

360 Photo

Digital tours in full immersive 360 photos. Let your customers get an authentic feel of your establishment before thy visit. All photos are taken using the latest DSLR technology with HDR image quality. Images can be supplied fully suitable for Google Maps tours, and the latest Facebook 360 technology.

Classic Car Website

Cars for a grand or less.

Printed party invitation for all social occasions.

Luxury Irish Cars

Since the recession the availability of high end luxury cars has dwindled in Ireland. Luxury Irish Cars aims to help buyers find their second hand dream car. Working directly with some of the countries leading high end garages, we hope to help you find something a little bit special within your budget.

Small Jobs

Have you ever needed a hand getting a small bit of work in the garden or around the home done, but afraid to look up the phonebook and ring a large company with an ad for fear of the price they might charge to a simple job? Callout fees? Weekend rates? It all adds up! Our aim is simple, we put people who need small jobs done directly in touch with local people in their area who can help them out. They get a handy local job that doesn’t take up much time, You get the task completed at a competative price and at a time that suits you… Simple!


The original web design / development behind all these websites. We originally built websites for just our clients, and with the skills we’ve learnt over the past 10 years we’re growing to build our own businesses. Have an idea for a project or website? Then we can help build it.

Snazzy Clothing

With our design skills in online a print material over the years, we’ve decided to try and expand this into our own range of apparel. Availably exclusively from select stores and online form our own store.

White Van

Used commercials classifieds website.

Worn Once

How many items of clothes have you bought, but simply just aren’t for you? Too big? Too Small? Or just not your style after all? Why not cash in and sell them on? Ideally suited for people looking for nearly new or worn once bargains.